Laura Gabbert – Producer and Director
William Haugse has worked on three of my five feature documentary films, Sunset Story, No Impact Man, and City of Gold. I do not know a better editor than Bill at teasing out dramatic moments in verite footage… a wonderful, lyrical touch when he’s working within a scene, but can also keep the macro-structure of your film in mind at all times… a genuine partner in the edit room.

City of Gold is a celebration of a critic who helped define a city by what it eats.Rolling Stone

Steve James – Producer and Director
William Haugse played an instrumental role in editing two films that remain near and dear to me: Hoop Dreams and Stevie. He is such a passionate, creative filmmaker and editor, and I greatly enjoyed our collaboration together. If only he’d stayed in Chicago!

A film like “Hoop Dreams…” takes us, shakes us, and make us think in new ways about the world around us. – Roger Ebert

Mark Harris – Two-Time Oscar Winning Director
William has a wealth of experience, in all genres of documentary, from issue-oriented films to pure verite. The range of his work, and the acuity of his perception, makes him an ideal consultant. There’s hardly a problem that he hasn’t encountered before or an approach he hasn’t tried in the many excellent films he’s edited.

Brian O’Hare – Producer
William Haugse served as Consulting Editor on our feature documentary Logan’s Syndrome, a very complex tale that required a deft hand in the edit. Bill is a huge part of that film’s success, he’s an irresistible, positive force.

Paula Fouce – Producer and Director
William is a talented and inspired editorial consultant who offers meticulous insight at lightning speed. Among other films, he worked on Naked in Ashes and The Dark Hobby. His creative yet practical ideas bring excitement to the editing and writing process.

Reuben Aaronson – Producer and Director
William knows how to “take-in” what a film needs, and knows the best way to get there. He consulted with me on two films, Hello Cuba and Amazon Gold, and I appreciated his heart and mind.

Lewis Wilcox – Producer and Director
Bill Haugse consulted with me on the Netflix series Westside and my feature, The Bakken. He is the traffic cop as well as the emissary of the audience. His editorial instincts have been invaluable have been invaluable to me. And he is a pleasure to work with.

A story of rural industrialization and distress that unfolds over multiple story lines to form a mosaic of cultural, environmental, and economic turbulence. – IMDB
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